Injury Recovery

Jaspreet & Shivani S. M.D.
My Train Better trainer is a wonderful young man with excellent knowledge into the anatomy, nutrition and workings of the human body. He is a great combination of pushing you enough to achieve your potential and, listening to you to prevent injuries. He pays utmost attention to injury prevention by immaculate attention to form and has the ability to devise safe alternatives when needed. We highly recommend him!

Tammy, Davison MI
I worked out for four years with a personal trainer in a group circuit and injured my back due to poor body mechanics and lack of supervision. I asked my Train Better trainer to develop a program for me that would be a tough workout without risk of injury to my back. I have been doing the workouts my trainer has developed without incident, and I am truly happy with my progress. More importantly, I have realized that I can get a great workout without having to sacrifice safety. I have learned more from my Train Better trainer in 10 weeks than I did in the four years of circuit training. She is truly knowledgeable and it shows that she loves what she does.

Paul T
I have been diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondilitis. I have been training with my Train Better trainer for just over a year, in that time he has helped muscles that have not moved much, or at all in many years. My condition has Chronic and Acute pain, stiffness, and immobility. My Train Better trainer has been instrumental in my overall increase in mobility, strength and general attitude. He was both experienced and familiar with not only treating my condition, but making my quality of life much, much more enjoyable. One of my early goals was to be able to play catch with my son, before my time with my trainer I could only throw the football maybe five times, and it might go 10-15 yards. Now, I am actually throwing the ball over my sons head! I feel 10 years younger training with him.

Ann R
For several weeks now I’ve been experiencing a sharp pain that runs down my left leg from my hip and wrapping around the outside of my left knee. I had a visible limp, and had trouble keeping up with my kids. At times, the pain was so severe that I had to stop walking to rest or stretch. I was relying on ibuprofen in order to sleep. The work my Train Better trainer did has completely eliminated the pain. The process was uncomfortable, but no worse than the existing pain. For over a week now, I haven’t stopped once because of my knee. I was able to complete an indoor triathlon just two days after he worked on me. I ran the entire time and didn’t think about my knee once. In fact, I’ve all but forgotten how much it hurt. Thank you!

Greg Z
I had IT-band issues in my right leg that caused severe knee pain. This injury was mainly due, with hindsight, to a very tight exterior quadriceps muscle (vastis lateralis). There were other issues as well, but that was the major one. My Train Better trainer watched my running form and helped me to correct a serious flaw, helped me to strengthen my core muscles (from the pecs and lats to the knees); and helped to identify several muscle imbalances that caused me to rotate my hips among other things. By bringing my focus to both my exercise form and imbalances, my trainer helped me to greatly increase my balance and overall strength. I have had zero issues with my IT-band since I started working with him 5 months ago. My trainer’s knowledge and attention to detail was a huge help – while he couldn’t do the work for me, he showed me the way to do the work correctly. I am stronger and faster because of the workouts he created and guided me through. Running, swimming, and biking were fun before, but they are even more fun now that I’m healthy!

Anne Cain
I have had my Train Better trainer for over a year. I am 70 years old with arthritis in my back and knees. I also have bouts of sciatica. He was aware of my limitations and helped me overcome them. He did not “push me” beyond my capabilities and did encourage me to go beyond what I thought I could do, and he was right. My trainer is thoughtful and kind and knew just what methods were necessary to enable me to strengthen my core and muscles. His gentle encouragement was a key factor to my success. I highly recommend my Train Better trainer for his knowledge and character.

After undergoing a cardiac procedure and the cardiac rehabilitation that followed, I spent over a year training with my Train Better trainer. The results that he delivered through his dedication and knowledge exceeded my expectations. My progression has continued due to what he has taught me. I highly recommend Train Better Personal Trainers for knowledge in anatomy, physiology and character.

Cindy F
My Train Better trainer was my last effort to relieve over 20 years of hip pain that was leading me to a partial hip replacement this past summer. I had done many rounds of physical therapy, yoga, massage, exercises, stretching..but I had very little change. THEN I MET MY TRAINER! I never could have fantasized that I would be PAIN FREE. I can move easily…No pain!

Gerard, Warren MI
I have been working with my Train Better trainer for a few years and have never had a trainer or coach in the past that was able to work with me and my many physical issues. Working in the IT industry the normal day is sitting in front of a computer running from one meeting to the next and nutrition and exercise were not high on my to do list. My trainer is able to customize each session to target my problem areas while working around my many limitations. I could not imagine finding another trainer that provides the specialized training that mine has while helping me overcome my unique situation. He provides great coaching both in the gym and with my nutrition, providing me great meal options to meet my daily challenges at work. As many have stated, a Train Better trainer will tell you what is needed to be heard and not what I want to hear which has helped me overcome many of my challenges.

Paul M
Working with my trainer has been something special. We have been together a relatively short time but I have noticed a great reduction in the amount of pain that I experience on a daily basis. My Train Better trainer and I discussed goals to seek a better quality of life after the effects of my post polio syndrome and time playing ice hockey. My trainer was able to understand and create a program to improve my posture and reduce the pain I felt on a daily basis. In our workouts, he made sure to explain to me why we were strengthening particular muscles and how they would alleviate a lot of the daily discomfort that I was having. He really understood my painful condition. What a relief! By training with my Train Better trainer, I now know there is a huge difference between training and training smart. I will not hesitate to let others know that my trainer’s philosophy and methods of training are truly superior.

Kathy D
I have worked with my Train Better trainer for a couple months now, and even within a short amount of time, I have experienced tremendous growth and positive changes with my body! I am no longer experiencing lower back pain, and my legs, arms and core already feel more toned and stronger. The best part about working with my trainer is that this is not your typical cookie-cutter gym routine. Each exercise is unique and shaped around my individual needs. The exercises not only challenge me, but after each session I feel more confident and a stronger individual. I would highly recommend Train Better to anyone looking for a personalized, educational and enjoyable gym atmosphere! Thank you Train Better for all the work you have done!

Olive H
After a complete hip replacement and subsequent physical therapy, I was introduced to Train Better and my trainer.  To say that my trainer gave me my life back is an understatement.  Because of the personal strength and balance training and flexibility exercises that my trainer created for me and under his constant guidance, I am now able to walk without pain and run after my grandchildren as though I were 20 years younger.  Many thanks to my trainer.  I couldn’t have come this far without him.