General Fitness

Lisa G, Birmingham, MI
I have been training with my Train Better personal trainer for approximately six months. My results with him, have been tremendous. He is an extremely patient trainer, and takes the time to not only explain each exercise, but to give the background and physics behind each movement, so you have a clear understanding of why each exercise will improve your body. He also is very knowledgeable regarding nutrition, and makes sure the food you are eating will help to promote faster results for overall fitness.My trainer is always on-time (usually early) and is completely professional. I actually have fun while training with my Train Better trainer! Results, in a fun atmosphere! Doesn’t get better than that!

Tiffany, Plymouth, MI
My Train Better personal trainer is terrific. She is very knowledgeable and experienced. Her workouts are individualized for people of all fitness levels. Iʼm fifty years old and new to strength training and Iʼve seen results very quickly. My husband is more experienced and he finds the workouts challenging as well. My trainer knows exactly how hard to push each of us and weʼve both been very impressed with the results. She is also supportive and encouraging without being overbearing. This makes it a pleasure to work out with her in our home. We highly recommend her.

Gretchen M
I have trained with my Train Better trainer since January 2013. He was recommended to me and I was told he worked successfully with individuals of all ages with health issues and that they benefited from his customized training regiments. As I began working with my trainer, I realized the truth in what I was told. He listened attentively as I described my needs. He designed a program that addressed my specific goals and progressively increased in difficulty as I became stronger. He always challenged me but was also supportive and encouraging. My trainer was friendly and always smiling. While I worked hard to achieve my goals, he also made the work fun. He was easy to talk to. He also seemed to have an easy rapport with his colleagues.

Chad Marr
I have been training with my Train Better trainer since September 2012 and under his guidance I have seen a significant increase in strength along with a physical transformation in regards to muscle growth and toning. I continue to be pleased and amazed with the progress I make with each session. He has always shown himself to be a dedicated and reliable professional. In the beginning he worked with me to set realistic expectations, clearly outlined a path for achieving my goals, and then consistently provided motivation and encouragement as he pushed me towards these goals. My trainer is always attentive and focused, ensuring that I maintain proper form and pushing me to complete the exercise. He thoroughly explains each exercise technique to ensure I fully understand how each movement is progressing me towards my goals. He regularly adds new techniques and exercises to our sessions to prevent boredom and complacency. He is very creative in his approach and provides a consistent mixture of new exercises and increasing levels of challenges. I would strongly recommend Train Better to anyone looking for a dedicated and knowledgeable trainer who delivers results.

Tina H
At the age of 44, I’m in the best shape of my life thanks to training with my Train Better trainer and the guidance he provides around proper nutrition and healthier eating. Over the years, I have tried gyms and personal trainers but never stuck with them because I was never motivated enough. My trainer personalizes every session and spends the time making sure I am working the correct muscles in the right way. The workout is different every time so I never get bored, and am actually motivated to push myself more.

Nathaniel Itter
My Train Better personal trainer has an extensive skill set and wealth of knowledge when it comes to health and fitness. Getting the privilege to work with him, and having him as a trainer has introduced me to a much higher level of fitness than what I have ever had before. My trainer’s encouragement, guidance, patience, and ability to quickly come up with alternative solutions tailored to meet current needs have proven to be greatly effective and a strong benefit. My trainer’s genuine care and concern for his client’s well-being, their fitness goals, and his eagerness to help, immediately shows through in his personality as compared to the average trainer who just does a job for a living. Finding my Train Better personal trainer as an adaptable trainer with the ability to demonstrate both standard and advanced new techniques and his attentiveness is a welcome surprise compared to other trainers I’ve had in the past. His strong ability and knowledge, leaves me with total confidence in him and I would highly recommend him as the choice for anyone who is searching for first time beginner training or advanced techniques. After the first session with a Train Better trainer, you quickly see why they provide such an incredible benefit to your fitness routine.

Jane G, Business Performance Coach
My Train Better personal trainer is a fitness expert and an incredible personal trainer. I have been working with him for over a year and he has been instrumental in helping me achieve my goals. I am stronger, both mentally and physically. His training is personalized and authentic. His focus on total wellness is unparalleled. He is passionate, creative, dedicated and inspirational. I would highly recommend working with him to identify your personal objectives. He will help you achieve your goals. Thank you!

Chad E, PGA professional
Working with my Train Better trainer has really helped improve my golf performance! The distance and consistency in my ball striking has improved. My strength, balance, and power have never been better. I would recommend Train Better to anyone who is looking to feel and perform better.