Our Trainers

Train Better currently offers service in more than 40 cities in Michigan and our trainers are the best in the industry at helping you get the results you want.

Before receiving the prestigious Train Better stamp of approval, each trainer must demonstrate the following:

Step 1: Base criteria

Genuine care for their clients

  • Train Better is built on relationships and integrity. Each trainer that wears our stamp carries a ‘people over dollars’ mentality. That means you’ll never be treated like a number because we care deeply for you and your goals.

High degree of education and a thirst for more knowledge

  • We promise to be experts in our field and it’s a promise we don’t take lightly. Our training crew represents multiple degrees, high level certifications and an ever evolving understanding of the latest science of exercise.


  • You deserve to be treated well. While the field of personal training is generally filled with crude language and unacceptable conduct, Train Better trainers do not degrade or have inappropriate physical interactions with clients. We will never leave a client feeling beat up and broken down. We don’t belittle you, we lift you up. Most of our clients come as referrals from medical doctors, chiropractors and other medical professionals so you can be sure that we’ll treat you right.

Once the trainer meets these criteria, they continue to…

Step 2: Assessments and practical interview

Trainers are asked to demonstrate a high level of knowledge in sports medicine based assessments, weight loss, strength and muscular imbalances. They must then demonstrate an ability to give information in a way that’s easy for clients to understand. The candidate will then take one of our senior trainers through workouts with various imagined scenarios and be given constructive feedback. This is a pass/fail. Anything shy of a perfect score means the prospective trainer needs more time for development and will not receive our stamp of approval until refinement with a master trainer has taken place.

Step 3: Shadowing and further education

All trainers may shadow our senior trainers to increase their knowledge and abilities. Most trainers will be required to shadow for some time before they can be considered a Train Better trainer.