Tight vs Taut: The Answer to Your Stiff Body

Are your muscles tight or taut? The wording may seem simple but the treatment of these two scenarios is drastically different. Releasing tight muscles can relieve pain while releasing taut muscles can actually lead to more.

Lets define these two types of muscle tension.

Tight muscles = muscles that are shortened, often times from overuse.

Taut muscles = muscles that feel tight because they’re trying to compensate for weakness and keep you safe.

Tight muscles generally need to be lengthened to relieve pain “permanently”. For example, if you do heavy bench pressing four days a week, you will probably have a tight chest. Foam Rolling and stretching these muscles will help tremendously.

Taut muscles are generally long enough, but they’re being pulled out of place by a muscle imbalance elsewhere in the body. Your body will often cause toughness in your muscles to act as a counter-force to a muscle that’s pulling your joints in one direction too hard. A good example of this is hamstrings. Many people complain of the muscles on the back of their legs being too tight but the reality is that many people don’t have control over their pelvis. Their hips roll forward, their core becomes inactive, their butt muscles relax and suddenly the backs of their legs are forced to become overactive so that your pelvis doesn’t roll right off!

If you’re in this boat and you foam roll your taut hamstrings without adding the appropriate strength to your system, you will get 1-2 days of relief followed by a worsening of the pain you started with.

It’s extremely important to differentiate between tight and taut and the best way to find that out is to search for the trained eye of a qualified professional.

This is article 2 of 4 on fixing your tight body. Check back Friday for part 3, “How and when to work mobility in to your workout for superior results”

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